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Make calling you more fun for everyone that calls you!

Omantel Mobiles Sama'ni service gives you a chance to make your friends and family hear your favorite tunes. Customers can enjoy the following features: Fixed Album, Dynamic Album, Personal Album, Copy a tone and much more.

- Fixed Album: A Fixed album will contain up to 4 Tones played in a shuffle mode.
- Dynamic Album: A dynamic album will contain up to 6 Tones played in a shuffle mode.
- Personal Album: Customer can select his own tones and download it to his personal album.
- Copy a tone: Simply customers can copy a tone from another customer by pressing star and 9 (* 9).


  • Calling 1236 will cost 40 Baisa/min.
  • Subscription charge: 100 Baisa/week.
  • Tone downloads: 400 Baisa valid for 3 months.
  • Fixed Album: 1 OMR. valid for 3 months.
  • Dynamic Album: 1.2 OMR. valid for 3 months.
  • Status Tone: free for Samani subscribers.
  • All sms to short code 90009 are free of charge.

How to subscribe

  • Via IVR: Simply dial 1236 and follow the instructions.
  • Via SMS: By sending the commands to the short code 90009.
  • Customers can also subscribe through:
    • Samani Portal
    • Omantel WAP"

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