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Wainak - Missed Call Alert

If you are out of the network coverage or your battery is flat, or if- your handset is switched off,

Omantel Mobile's Wainak or missed-call alert free service notifies you of any missed calls by SMS.


This service is available to all Mada and Hayyak subscribers and covers overseas and incoming calls from public phones, landlines and calls from other mobile subscribers.

How to subscribe

There are two ways to activate this service. Through Mobile settings:
Go to the Mobile Menu/ settings/ Phone OS Calls/ Call Divert/ Voice Call and Select the following options:
If Busy: Click on Activate/ To the other Number/ +9681231
If Out of Reach: Click on Activate/ To the other Number/ +9681230
Or, you can use the following shortcuts:
Busy: Forward/ Divert calls to *67*1231#OK
Switched off/ not reachable: Forward/ Divert calls to *62*1230#OK
Cancel all diverts: #002#OK

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