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International money transfer

Now, eFloos users can send money outside Oman from eFloos mobile wallet. User can send to bank account, other global mobile wallet, and cash pickup locations if the beneficiary is unbanked.


eFloos users can now send money abroad to 9 countries: Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and Philippines. Receiving channels can be: Bank account, Cash out or Mobile wallet as shown on below table:

Receiving Country Receiving Channel Bank Receiving Channel Cash-Out Receiving Channel m-wallets
Bangladesh YES YES  
Egypt YES    
India YES YES  
Pakistan YES YES YES
Malaysia YES    
Philippines YES YES YES
United Kingdom YES    

send money using eFloos

First user must register to eFloos app, after that:

  1. Select international remittances from eFloos main menu.
  2. Add a beneficiary
  3. Add amount to be sent & Get a Quote
  4. Proceed and Confirm payment

Cash Pickups

The app will present a Secret PIN Code upon successful TXN completion.

Steps to collect cash:

1. Beneficiary must visit a branch of the cash pickup partner

2. Beneficiary must present their national ID and Secret PIN Code

3. Collect the cash

Example of Cash Pickups:-

India: Mutooth Finance

1. Go to Muthoot Finance in India and ask for “Muthoot Global Pay”

 2. Presented the Secret PIN Code

3. In case the beneficiary has any trouble, please ask them to contact Muthoot customer support team at: 0091-484-6690560

Philippines: Cebuana

1. Tell Cebuana Agent on cashing out that the remittance is via eFloos partner: DBP (Development Bank of Philippines)

2. Provide the secret PIN code 3. If step 2 fails, secret code cannot be found, contact DBP

DBP contact numbers in Philippines are:
• 812-8135
• 815-1450
• 893-8885
• 09478922747 (mobile, viber, whatsapp)
• 09178838611 (mobile, viber, whatsapp)


All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.

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