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The Omantel Big Data Hackathon

In today's world, data is the fuel needed for successful companies to thrive. Telecommunication companies are not an exception as big data is accelerating the advancements of the industry and data science applications are widely used to streamline operations, maximize profits, build effective marketing and business strategies, visualize data, perform data transfers, and for many other cases. In Telecommunications, the amount of data passing through various communication channels is getting larger every minute, making old techniques and methods irrelevant.

Omantel is launching a hackathon for anyone who is looking to experience the entrepreneurial world, with or without a tech background. Through the 3 day hackathon, the participants will be guided through product conceptualization, market research, solution prototyping, and pitch development, which will culminate in a pitch competition.

As this hackathon tackles the challenge of big data for the telecommunication industry, we are looking for ideas that fall under the themes below. Ideas falling under other categorized themes will also be considered:

  1. Omantel data monetization
  2. Predictive analytics
  3. Customer engagement
  4. Lifetime value prediction
  5. Customer sentiment analysis

The Hackathon winning team will receive:

  • 3-months coworking space at Oman Innovation Labs for free
  • 2 hours of mentorship every month for 6-months from the Brinc and Oman Innovation Labs experts
  • 500 OMR cash prize
DATE AND TIMEالتاريخ و الوقت
calendar-alt 26, 27, 29 January 2022
09:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Multiple global, regional and local experts
SMEs/Aspiring Entrepreneurs/Startups/General Public